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Waterproofing surfaces such as walls, roofs and others has many benefits. This is particularly important to do if you know that a given space is close to water or is likely to be affected by rain.

However, waterproofing requires surface preparation first. As it’s a crucial part of the process, you should hire specialists for this job. At WASP Blasting we have over 30 years of experience in providing first-class surface preparation services.


Over 30 Years Experience

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Why Prepare Surfaces Before Waterproofing?

To waterproof a surface, first and foremost, you need to prepare it properly. There’s a number of waterproofing methods that can be used, but all of them like clean surfaces. Without the right steps, you won’t achieve the results you’re looking for and you may have to repeat the whole process again.

Don’t waste time and money, contact WASP Blasting to assist you with abrasive blasting for waterproofing surface preparation!

Roof Surface Preparation

One of the most commonly waterproofed surfaces are roofs. Roof spraying with abrasive blasting is a sure way to get rid of any contaminants that could cause problems with your waterproofing projects. It’s important to mention that spraying roof tiles should be performed by a trained professional to avoid inadequate pressure.

Spraying roofs with the use of wet abrasive blasting technologies is not only efficient but also safe. The high-end systems used by our experienced team are capable of handling big and small roofs and other surfaces to prepare them for waterproofing. You can count on our assistance no matter where in Melbourne you’re based.

Waterproofing Preparation With WASP Blasting

Hiring WASP Blasting means trusting experienced surface preparation specialists, who care for the environment. It doesn’t matter what surface you want to waterproof, we can prepare it for you before the process. You won’t have to worry about a thing!

Our competitive advantages include:

  • modern equipment in great condition
  • effective and timeous services
  • trained and experienced team of specialists
  • responsive and knowledgeable representatives
  • meeting your specific requirements

Last but not least, we value the safety of our staff and your project site above all. Contact us for a quote today!

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