Our Environmental Policy

Environmental safety is one of our core values at WASP. In upholding environmental health and safety standards, we believe that wet abrasive blasting is the future of abrasive surface preparation. 

Blasting systems have advanced in such a way that it has become the preferred alternative, in today’s sensitive environment, to traditional harmful surface preparation techniques that emit hazardous and toxic air pollutants.

As well as complying to the environmental standards of sandblasting in Melbourne, we endeavour to be environmentally aware, and limit, reduce and recycle as much as possible. We, therefore, take every precaution to minimise environmental impacts.

In addition, we carry out ongoing environmental testing and monitoring of our processes and employees to make sure healthy environmental standards are maintained.

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Leaders in Environmentally-Friendly Sandblasting and Abrasive Blasting

At WASP, we take great passion in promoting non-hazardous and environmentally-responsible practices. 

We’re therefore proud to boast our range of eco-friendly techniques used during each sandblasting and abrasive blasting procedure. 

We handle each project with care by utilising clean and non-toxic media to treat a wide range of surfaces and take extra precaution by isolating abrasive projects to reduce dust emissions and debris from entering the environment. 

In this way, we guarantee that no harm will overrun the health and safety of the environment.

How We Do It

1. We invest in the most environmentally-friendly abrasive blasting equipment and media.

2. Our professionals conduct their work in accordance with environmental regulations and maintain awareness of any potential environmental consequences our services may bring.

3. We’re consistently promoting the conservation of natural resources, the prevention of pollution, and the use of advanced environmental equipment and methods.

4. We comply with Australia’s environmental laws, regulations and requirements.

5. We’re always improving our techniques and environmental management through our performance to ensure zero hazardous impact on the environment.

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