On-Site / Mobile Blasting Services

Efficient, Effective Mobile Sandblasting and Onsite Sandblasting in Melbourne

At WASP or Wet Abrasive Surface Preparation, we are the leading edge of mobile wet sandblasting and onsite sandblasting in Melbourne.

We were the first dedicated commercial and industrial blasting and vapour blasting company in Melbourne, and are experts in every facet of all various forms of abrasive blasting, surface preparation and contaminant removal.

From concrete stencilling to lead paint removal and wet abrasive blasting, we can do any onsite sandblasting, chemical stripping and mobile sandblasting job.

From bridges, ships and building facades to internal high-rise strip-outs and tunnels, we can blast anywhere using our wide range of high-quality blasting technologies and blasting applications.

Whatever you need, we can do it and all our work is done with the utmost care for our clients, their community, the environment and is quality assured.

We specialise in and are tried and tested on literally hundreds of thousands of square meters of asbestos residue, lead paint and chemical impregnation, onsite sandblasting and mobile sandblasting projects with outstanding results.

We can build enclosures and containments for our systems that conform to the most stringent health and safety regulations over and around almost anything - from a grandstand to a nuclear power station and a high-rise scaffold.

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mobile sandblasting by WASP

Some of our Mobile Sandblasting and Onsite Sandblasting services

Aquatics Centres and Pools

WASP are well experienced in blasting pools, liquid treatment tanks and water tanks, bunds, dams and water features in preparation for tiles, coatings, waterproofing and membranes.

Removal of sealants, coatings and line marking

Our abrasive blasting systems rapidly and effectively remove coatings, sealants and contamination from brick, concrete, steel, asphalt and almost any substrate.

If wet abrasive blasting is used in this application, dust is reduced by up to 95%, its lowest practicable level.

Graffiti Removal

Graffiti can ruin the look of a neighbourhood, but sometimes the options for getting rid of it do more harm than good.

Mobile sandblasting and onsite sandblasting in Melbournefrom WASP is the only answer that obliterates graffiti from surfaces.

We provide effective and environmentally-safe graffiti removal services while leaving untouched all the things that make the neighbourhood beautiful.

Line Mark Removal

Have unwanted lines on your:
• Sports court?
• Car Park?
• Road?
• Warehouse?
• Or any other location?

Thanks to our line mark removal contractors, we can make them go away.

Our mobile sandblasting and onsite sandblasting in Melbourne can remove paint or thermoplastic markings.

We will leave your surface unmarked, unharmed and as good as new.

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We're ISO Certified

ISO certification certifies that a management system, manufacturing process, service, or documentation procedure has all the requirements for standardization and quality assurance.

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iso certificate