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Bitumen, has been widely used for roofing as well as for various road applications. While it’s well-known for its durable properties, there are reasons why removing bitumen may be a good idea. A good example is overheating in a building, where a roof is covered with bitumen.

Whatever your reason for bitumen removal, it should be done in a safe way. Bitumen paint remover technologies have often used toxic chemicals, which could lead to causing environmental harm. To make the process as environmentally-friendly as possible, hire WASP Blasting. We always have you and our planet’s best interest in mind.


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Comprehensive Bitumen Removal Services from Various Surfaces

Sometimes bitumen removal is needed where bitumen was applied, but didn’t work out in the way expected. However, it also happens that bitumen ended up on surfaces, where it wasn’t meant to be in the first place. That’s why WASP Blasting can help you if you want to:

  • Remove bitumen from brick
  • Remove bitumen from concrete (including sections of roads)
  • Get rid of bitumen on boats or yachts
  • Eliminate the substance from windows or doors
  • Make bitumen disappear from any other surface where it doesn’t belong

Whatever your reason to remove bitumen is, we’re here to help you out. Remember that bitumen can be stubborn, so it should be taken off with the use of adequate equipment. In this manner you’ll avoid getting frustrated and inadvertently causing environmental harm.

Advanced Bitumen Removal Solutions with WASP Blasting

Bitumen can be removed safely with the use of WASP Blasting technologies and equipment. Our teams have years and years of experience in surface preparation jobs as well as removal of various contaminants. We offer abrasive blasting as well as dustless blasting solutions, depending on the requirements and specifications of a given project.

We’re Melbourne-based specialists who comply with all environmental standards. Furthermore, we’re ISO certified so you can rest assured that we meet all standardisation and quality assurance requirements. Contact us today to discuss your bitumen removal or other surface coating or preparation needs!

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