Dustless Blasting Services In Melbourne, Australia

Dustless Blasting, also known as Vapour Blasting, can help your business with stripping paint and cleaning any type of surface without harsh materials and with the environment in mind.

At WASP Blasting, we are able to provide you with a revolutionary mobile blasting paint stripping and cleaning system that can remove almost any coating from any surface using our top blasting technologies. If this is one of your needs, contact WASP experts right away!

How does Dustless Blasting work?

Dustless Blasting Works off a Number of Key Principles

When it comes to all types of different surfaces, paint is used primarily as a protective coating to extend the life of the surface underneath as well as beautifying.  The paint will eventually fail (generally sooner than necessary due to insufficient surface preparation) causing peeling, cracking, crazing, bubbles delamination etc, leaving the substrate it is applied to open to degradation. This comes in the form of rust, rot, oxidisation, discolouration and chemical attack to name but a few.

However, the Dustless Blasting system will allow you to remove what is left of the old coating and rust as quickly and efficiently as possible, leaving only the bare and clean surface beneath that is ready for your new design and a brand new application.

Moreover, our service is extremely versatile. It can be used on a variety of applications including:

  • residential areas where you need to get rid of graffiti or rust
  • industrial areas where you might be concerned about other cleaning applications damaging welders, painters or other valuable equipment
  • commercial areas where there is a great need to strip lead, asbestos and other harmful elements

Dustless blasting services have also shown to be effective when it comes to automotive paint stripping, marine fibreglass stripping and various wood restoration projects too.

Dustless Blasting is an ideal solution for a number of applications in many industries

  • Automotive industry – quickly prepare your car’s surface for painting
  • Industrial – clean and restore any surface or heavy machinery equipment
  • Commercial – clean surfaces from any dirt, old paint, lead paint or other toxic materials like asbestos
  • Marine industry – restore and clean boats and ships
  • Residential – clean your patios, driveways or walls with this eco-friendly blasting method
  • Pool – strip old paint and clean algae
  • Graffiti – remove unwanted graffiti off of the walls, roads or pavements
  • Wood – restore and clean any wood surface efficiently and in a timely manner

If you are looking for dustless blasting services in Melbourne as a superior surface cleaning method, don’t hesitate to contact us at WASP.

We have utilized this method for a number of different clients, which were left impressed with the fact that this application is fast, more efficient and eco-friendly thanks to the highest quality technologies we use.

Many of the surfaces with old paint and other stains can be blasted away in record time. Our clients are also impressed with how fast the blaster can utilize a wet blasting method that is easily able to contain any background mess, it is safe for anyone working around the blasted area, and is environmentally friendly.

Moreover, they are also impressed with how the blaster can clean the surfaces without running up a high media bill from water and electricity.

Call the sandblasting experts at WASP today.