Paint Stripping And Paint Removal Services In Melbourne

In addition to our sandblasting services, WASP specialises in paint stripping and water pressure cleaning. We do not use harsh chemical strippers or paint stripper on the exterior surfaces that we treat. If you are in need of lead-based paint removal, you can find more information on how we approach that process here.

Here, we use top-quality equipment and chemicals including a groundbreaking biodegradable cleaning agent which can strip paint from all types of surfaces without the harmful vapors.

We specialise in treating houses and can expertly guarantee paint removal from tuck pointed homes while leaving underlying surfaces intact.

If you have a renovation or restoration project in mind, we’re the perfect solution as our specialist is listed with the Heritage & National Trust of Victoria.

We’re fully insured and offer commercial and industrial sandblasting services in-house or we can perform on-site/mobile sandblasting and come to you, anywhere across Victoria.

We also offer free quotes and test samples, so feel free to give us a call today.

What Is the Paint Removal Process?

Paint stripping, also known as paint removal, is a process of completely eliminating paint from a given surface. When done properly, it can remove multiple layers of paint. Most importantly, the surface shouldn't suffer any damage during this process. Paint stripping can be done on all sorts of surfaces and for various purposes.

Why Do Paint Stripping/Removal?

There are many reasons why someone would like to do paint stripping or removal. The main motivation is that the paint is no longer adequate on a given surface or is somewhere where it shouldn't be (e.g. due to a paint spill). Some examples of paint stripping or removal include exposing brick for visual effect, Strip paint from wood, surface preparation before a colour change, stripping of unaesthetic and unhygienic paint that's peeling (paint chips), and removing instances of vandalism, as well as lead-based paint removal (this is especially important as lead-based paint is a massive health risk).

How to Remove Paint from Brick?

With the use of adequate methods, it's possible to remove paint from virtually any surface. Brick paint removal is done relatively often but the choice of a method and agent depends on the exact brick surface to be treated (e.g. burnt or fly ash clay, engineering, sand-lime, concrete). The most important thing is to choose a technique that doesn't remove only the paint, but leaves the surface undamaged by the process.

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