Paint Stripping And Paint Removal Services In Melbourne

WASP Blasting offers professional paint stripping services in Melbourne, specializing in removing paint from various surfaces without using harsh chemical strippers.

Our ground breaking biodegradable cleaning agent ensures effective paint removal without harmful vapours, making us an ideal choice for commercial and industrial renovation and restoration projects.

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Why Choose Our Services

  • Our team is highly skilled in treating structures and buildings, including tuck-pointed homes, ensuring the integrity of the underlying surfaces.
  • We are listed with the Heritage & National Trust of Victoria, highlighting our expertise in handling sensitive restoration projects.
  • Fully insured, we offer both commercial and industrial paint stripping services across Victoria, providing on-site solutions for your convenience.
  • Safety and environmental considerations - safety and environmental care are at the forefront of our services.
  • We use biodegradable cleaning agents that are effective yet environmentally friendly.
  • Our approach ensures that the paint stripping process is safe for our workers, your structure’s surface and the environment.

Our Paint Stripping Process

For paint removal, we utilize top-quality equipment and innovative chemicals, including a biodegradable cleaning agents, to strip paint from all types of surfaces. This process is environmentally friendly and safe, avoiding the use of harsh chemical strippers. Our method is particularly effective for lead-based paint removal, ensuring the underlying surfaces remain intact.

Common Applications for Paint Stripping

Our services are perfect for a variety of renovation and restoration projects. Whether it's a historical building, a residential property, or a commercial space, our paint stripping process is designed to handle different surfaces and project scales efficiently.

Some of our paint removal applications include:

  • exposing brick for visual effect
  • stripping paint from wood
  • surface preparation before a colour change
  • stripping of unaesthetic and unhygienic paint that's peeling (paint chips)
  • removing paint caused by vandalism
  • lead-based paint removal (this is especially important as lead-based paint is a massive health risk)

Removing Paint From Brick

With the use of adequate methods, it's possible to remove paint from virtually any surface. Brick paint removal is done relatively often but the choice of a method and agent depends on the exact brick surface to be treated (e.g. burnt or fly ash clay, engineering, sand-lime, concrete).

We always ensure to choose a technique that doesn't remove only the paint, but leaves the surface undamaged by the process.

Commercial and Industrial Paint Removal - Your Questions Answered

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