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Removal of line markings

WASP is a trusted wet abrasive blasting and surface preparation company that specialises in all sorts of top-quality line mark removal services, from road lines to sports courts, airports, car parks and many more.

It doesn't matter if you need line marking paint removed within an industrial, commercial or residential setting. Our specialised team of line marking removal contractors are highly experienced, skilled and qualified to complete any project.

If you've been wondering how to remove marking paint from asphalt, you no longer have to do so anymore. We can take care of all of your line removal requests.

When you need line markings without causing harm to your surface structure or the environment, you can give us your full trust.

Over 30 Years Experience

Environmental Guarantee

50% Waste Reduction

95% Dust Reduction

How to remove road markings

We've been providing removal of white line markings from roads for more than 30 years to customers situated throughout Melbourne. Needless to say, we're equipped with ample experience.

High-quality industry tools and equipment is the name of the game here at WASP.

Using only the best tools in the industry, we’re able to do away with lines that are seen on all different kinds of surfaces including car park line markings, freeways, sports courts, roads, airport runways and more!

If you're interested in how to remove road markings, our professionals will provide you with all the necessary information regarding our practices and blasting technologies before starting on your project.

Melbourne’s Top Line Removal Contractors

Our team is composed of the best professionals around.

Passionate about their work, they eagerly accommodate line mark removal projects of all varieties; while at the same time, caring for the environment by only using environmentally-friendly procedures including vapour blasting (dustless blasting).

If you have an ambitious line removal project for us, we can assist you.

Our line mark removal contractors employ tools that are contemporary and innovative. That's part of the reason our line removal assistance is so reliable, effective and efficient.

With our Quality Certification, our customers can also feel rest assured that we will only deliver optimal results.

If you're trying to find the finest, most capable and qualified line mark removal professionals around, WASP is ready to help you. Customers boast our:

  • Effective and meticulous removal service
  • Blue-ribbon customer satisfaction policies
  • Reasonable and competitive prices
  • Affable representatives

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