Heavy Machinery Blasting

Due to the way it’s used, heavy equipment accumulates grease, dirt and other contaminants. The build-up makes the machinery look dirty and more importantly, can hinder its performance.

Heavy machinery blasting using a high-pressure water jet or in other cases using sandblasting materials is a great solution to avoid long-term issues and restore your heavy equipment. We restore machines like bulldozers, excavators, forklifts, scissor lifts, drum rollers and many more.

WASP Blasting can arrive at your site to restore your heavy machinery for you.

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What Does Heavy Machinery Blasting Do?

A regularly performed heavy machinery blasting prolongs the lifespan of the expensive equipment. You may think that your sandblasting machine can get the job done, but it’s best to invest in professionals in that respect.

Unprofessional cleaning of heavy machinery, such as what could be done with the use of an industrial sandblaster, can cause damage that requires costly repairs. To avoid problems, choose WASP Blasting, a company with years of experience in various pressure washing projects such as construction, farm and industrial equipment cleaning.

Why Do Jet Blasting Of Heavy Equipment?

Pressure washing heavy equipment is a much more productive method than scrubbing or handwashing. These methods are simply not suitable for heavy equipment. Pressure washing is a powerful and reliable technology. However, it requires specialised equipment and trained specialists, who know how to use it.

Why Work With Wasp Blasting

WASP Blasting is a company with more than 30 years of experience in the surface preparation industry. We know how important heavy machinery blasting is for the overall maintenance efforts of your equipment. We will make your precious assets shine. You can also count on our expertise with the following:

You can consult the full list of our commercial services by clicking on the link. Our team is highly specialised, reliable and trained. We’re ISO certified and always have the environment in mind. Our commercial and industrial surface preparation services are available in Melbourne and interstate.

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