Domestic & Residential Blasting Services

Our Affordable Residential Sandblasting Solutions

WASP Blasting provides specialised residential blasting services to domestic, residential and small business customers. We provide competitive rates whilst offering the same quality-assured service and environmentally-friendly systems.

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Some Of The Domestic And Residential Blasting Services We Can Provide Are:

  • Internal and external brick, paint, render and bagging removal and cleaning
  • Exposed aggregate surfaces and repairs to concrete slabs
  • Hardwood timber and furniture blasting
  • Pool and pool paving blasting and cleaning
  • Waterproofing preparation
  • Bluestone and sandstone block and paving cleaning
  • Tuck point brick and heritage gentle paint removal
  • Non-slip surfaces
  • Corrosion and rust removal and treatment
  • Wrought Iron and lacework blasting and priming
  • Car chassis and car part blasting (all medias-Garnet, plastic bead, soda, staurolite etc)
  • Trailer blasting and priming
  • Aluminium blasting (glass bead and plastic)
  • Iron and hardwood furniture
  • Water Pressure Cleaning
  • Soda Blasting
  • and many more...
Wet Blasting To Remove Failing Painted Coatings To Residential Driveway.
Removing Paint From Timber Fence
Wet Blasting Epoxy Coatings From A Concrete Pool Substrate

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