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Bridges, like any other constructions, need regular maintenance to remain in good shape. This includes cleaning them in order to make them look fresh and clean. Because of the materials they’re made of and their size, bridges are usually cleaned with pressure washers. WASP Blasting can take care of bridge refurbishment for smaller public bridges, such as one or two-lane structures.


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Unique Requirements For Bridges

Every bridge is unique due to its placement and construction. As you know, bridges are often placed above water. This adds additional considerations for the service provider. When pressure washing a bridge, oil and other contaminants are being removed from its surface. This means that the residue water has to be managed properly.

While modern bridges are equipped with catch basins and drains, it’s important to know how to wash them so that the water used goes in the right direction. Another consideration is the disposal of debris - a process that frequently needs to be done before cleaning starts. Do you want to be sure that a bridge will be cleaned with environmental concerns in mind? Hire WASP Blasting!

Professional Pressure Washing Of Bridges

Because pressure washing bridges isn’t your regular cleaning job, it’s vital to hire professionals with a lot of experience in pressure washing. Ideally, you’re looking for professionals who have worked in various industrial contexts and across different industries.

Any work done on bridges also has to be done in a timely fashion to avoid unnecessary disruptions for the public. Different parts of a bridge also have to be treated with different pressures. With sturdier elements of the construction, the pressure should be higher to clean it properly, while more delicate parts of a bridge require lower pressure.

WASP Blasting’s Bridge Refurbishment Services

We’re an ISO-certified service provider in Melbourne. We adhere to all relevant environmental and safety standards. Our team takes compliance seriously, and that includes being compliant with the requirements of your project. Pressure washing bridges is just one of the things we do. Explore our website to learn more about our other commercial services.

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