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A brick surface of your business or home used to look great, but it’s no longer true? Unfortunately, brick deterioration is a natural process. Like any surface, brick accumulates different pollutants that make it look less appealing.

You don’t need to replace brick or deal with its unattractive look forever. Brick restoration with WASP Blasting is an answer to this problem! One of the most effective methods of brick and mortar restoration is pressure washing. With the use of adequate equipment, brick returns to its natural state under pressure.

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Brick Wall Restoration

Sooner or later, the exposed brick will start to look old or even ugly. Cleaning brick with an adequate pressure washer is a cost-effective solution. During this professional cleaning service, WASP Blasting will not only rejuvenate your brick wall but also prolong the time between washes. Manual washing has to be done much more often as it’s not as effective.

Brick And Mortar Restoration

Did you know that it’s not only brick that needs restoration, but also mortar? Mortar is the material used in between bricks to connect them. It’s also affected by time, which is why when we say rejuvenate brick, we really mean both brick and mortar.

At WASP Blasting we know well how to improve the appearance and structural integrity of these materials for the overall visually appealing effect.

WASP Blasting Services

Our team will come to you to take care of your brick wall or any other brick surface that needs cleaning. By the time the job is completed, your brick surface will look great.

You can expect it to be free of mould, dirt, grime, flaky paint or even unwanted paint such as what happens when an act of vandalism occurs. We’re capable of taking care of both interior and exterior walls, no matter how easy or difficult they are to access.

Pressure washing for brick rejuvenation is only one of the things we offer. WASP Blasting has over 30 years of experience in providing various services. Explore our website to find out more!

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