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Industrial Painting Applications - WASP Blasting
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Specialised Industrial Painting & Coatings Application

WASP Blasting has the proven experience to manage our projects, including; scheduling, height access, high-risk tasks, safety, environment and customer relationships.

So, why not have WASP provide the industrial painting and coatings required - once we have achieved proper surface preparation - using our unique paint and coating blasting application equipment?

Protective coatings & industrial painting are tasks that are often misunderstood by many people including professionals.

Whether the project is a marine yard, pipeline, water tank or wastewater facility; these coatings are the only barrier between an aggressive environment & the substrate that requires protection.

WASP understands the stringent quality control required to deliver commercial and industrial sandblasting, painting and coatings projects that require the highest level of protection.

NACE Coating Inspection

WASP is so confident in the quality of our projects that we offer our clients an optional level of Quality Assurance. WASP has a close association with accredited NACE Coatings Inspectors who provide consultancy and ensure the works conform to specification.

Why would you need this service?

  1. If WASP is not engaged by you, the Owner, our Client may be a Head Contractor that may not have the same objectives as the Owner. Engaging a coatings inspector will ensure the works adhere to the specification.
  2. In some specifications, it is mandatory for works to be supervised by a Coatings Inspector because the Owner already knows, if you engage a coatings inspector, you will get what you ask for. Alternatively, without a third party inspector, you will get what you are given by the Contractor.
  3. Other clients want a Coatings Inspector to provide assurance and documentation that the works were completed to specification. This enables them to enforce or protect themselves from any future warranty and insurance claims.

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