Removing Antifoul From Boats

Boat Antifouling Services in Melbourne.

You probably know that antifouling is necessary to shield your boat’s hull from marine growth. As important as it is, this protective layer doesn’t last a lifetime. In fact, as a rule of thumb, it’s only effective for one or two seasons.

Applying another layer over peeling antifouling in poor condition is a terrible idea. That’s why you should remove the old layer before any further work. As it’s a long and tedious process, particularly for larger vessels, it’s best to invest in help from WASP Blasting, a team of people who know what they’re doing.


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Removing Antifouling Safely

Removing antifoul paint is usually done when the initial coating no longer does its job or when painting needs to be done. Doing this yourself on a small boat may be possible, but working on a bigger vessel on your own isn’t recommended. It’s much better to hire a professional service provider, such as WASP Blasting, for this job.

Removing antifouling isn’t only a slow process, but a potentially dangerous one. You should always use PPE, work in a well-ventilated area, contain the antifouling being removed properly as it’s toxic and can contaminate the environment, including water. Be aware that there are local regulations when it comes to this procedure.

Removing Antifouling Safely

The treatment of antifouling on a given boat would also differ, depending on the antifouling paint used. The three main methods used during a DIY process are sanding, chemical paint stripping and soda blasting. All of them come with their own challenges. Specialised service providers like WASP Blasting have equipment that’s not available for individuals.

Removing Antifoul Paint With WASP Blasting

Hiring WASP Blasting for your antifouling removal project has numerous benefits. As a company with over 30 years of experience in the surface preparation industry, we know well how to do it in a safe, environmentally-friendly and efficient manner. You can ask us to do removal on one or many vessels as well as for industrial painting and coating as a service add-on.

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