Centrifugal Track Blasting

Efficient and Effective Centrifugal Track Blasting in Melbourne

If you’re trying to find the most experienced, reliable and efficient centrifugal track blasting specialists, WASP is ready to help.

For over 30 years, WASP has been Melbourne’s premium and trusted source of centrifugal blasting services. 

From creating aesthetic concrete pathways to preparing steel surfaces, we’re a wet abrasive surface preparation and sandblasting company specialising in most, if not all, types of centrifugal blasting techniques.

Our professional contractors are highly experienced, qualified and exceptionally skilled in providing the best solution and results for any centrifugal blasting project.

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Creating your Desired Surface Finish

At WASP, our blasting specialists are meticulous in achieving your desired surface finish. 

Centrifugal track blasting involves using spinning wheels with a controlled centrifugal force to propel abrasives, such as steel shot, against a surface being prepared for further treatment.

Centrifugal track blasting is used for:

  • Cleaning
  • Removing coatings
  • Scale and rust removal
  • Creating patterns
  • Peening and many more

Although many types of media may be used for various applications in centrifugal blasting machines, it is important to take into account the hardness, shape, size and controlled mix of the abrasive particles to achieve the best results.

Our contractors are highly experienced and qualified in choosing the right abrasive media together with establishing the correct blasting technology procedure to develop the best solution for your blasting needs.

Benefits of Centrifugal Track Blasting

Centrifugal track blasting systems are generally available for the surface preparation of steel as well as for profiling concrete to create a non-slip, exposed aggregate finish.

What makes it highly effective and efficient is that this blasting procedure operates at a high velocity. 

While blasting large surfaces generally requires the use of multiple air blasting machines which increases operation costs, centrifugal blasting has been proven to be highly cost-effective as it does not require compressed air pressure to operate on large (or small) surfaces.

We also take great concern in caring for the environment by putting in extra measures to ensure that all projects are carried out with zero impact on the environment and complying with Australia’s environmental laws, regulations and requirements.

In this case, we’re able to provide peace of mind that centrifugal track blasting creates minimal dust and can be used indoors where dry or wet blasting may be intrusive to the surroundings.

Many customers boast our:

Effective, efficient and reliable services

Cost-effective solutions

Over 3 decades of ample centrifugal blasting experience

Professional and highly-skilled team of contractors

Excellent customer satisfaction policies

Environmental promise

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