On-Site / Mobile Blasting Services

On-Site / Mobile Blasting

At WASP, or Wet Abrasive Surface Preparation, we are the leading edge of mobile sandblasting in Melbourne, and the experts in every facet of abrasive blasting and surface preparation. From on-site sandblasting to mobile sandblasting, mobile soda blasting, and wet abrasive blasting, we can do any job. From driveways and patios to skyscrapers and tunnels, we can blast anywhere. Whatever you need, we can do it, and all our work is done with the utmost care for our clients, their community, and the environment.

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Some of our Mobile Blasting services include:

Pool Restoration

Is your pool looking a little worse for wear? Our mobile blasting services can change that. Dustless blasting ensures that flaky concrete, old paint, and worn plaster are completely gone, so you can enjoy your clean, beautiful pool. Our careful attention to containment and clean up means you can enjoy a pristine yard and happy neighbours, too.

Asbestos Removal

Do you have some of this toxic silicate fibre lurking in your home or business? We’re here to help. Our dustless blasting can remove asbestos from just about anywhere. At WASP, we use wet abrasion, which protects you by suppressing airborne asbestos, and protects the environment by preventing asbestos contamination without consuming large amounts of water.

Driveway and Wall Cleaning

Driveways and walls take on all kinds of filth, from unwanted paint and misplaced mortar to dirt and grime. Our blasting services can tackle it all. Bricks and cement will shine like new after a treatment from our mobile sandblasting, and unlike chemical cleaners or acid washes, our services are easy on the planet.

Graffiti Removal

Graffiti can ruin the look of a neighbourhood, but sometimes the options for getting rid of it do more harm than good. Mobile sandblasting from WASP is the only answer that obliterates graffiti while leaving untouched all the things that make the neighbourhood beautiful.

Line Mark Removal

Have unwanted lines on your:
• Sports court?
• Car Park?
• Road?
• Warehouse?
• Or any other location?

We can make them go away. Our on-site sandblasting can remove paint or thermoplastic markings, and will leave your surface unmarked, unharmed, and good as new.

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