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WASP specialises in high-quality shrink wrapping for a range of needs

Operating Melbourne-wide for over 25 years, we have built up extensive experience and skills working with many commercial and industrial clients, including construction, marine, heritage sites, aviation, rail, agricultural and many more.

We are therefore at the forefront of the industry, delivering effective, reliable, environmentally friendly and efficient shrink wrapping services, and exceeding customer expectations.

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Benefits of Shrink Wrapping

benefits of shrink wrapping for construction sites
  • Contains areas to help prevent contaminants from entering workplaces.
  • Provides safety and security of buildings that are under construction.
  • Containment provides temperature control where necessary.
  • Protects your job site under harsh weather conditions.
  • Protects assets, such as boats or trailers, vehicles or machinery during transportation.
  • Unlike traditional wrapping methods, shrink wrapping has the flexibility to wrap objects of any shape and size.
  • It is a custom solution for your containment needs.

Shrink wrapping also has a range of uses for the benefit of containment from environmental pressures, as well as preservation.

Shrink Wrapping for Containment

Scaffolding Wrap

scaffolding protection

WASP offers scaffolding shrink-wrap services for the containment of construction sites to the highest standard.

Using premium environmentally friendly scaffold encapsulation, not only does our scaffold sheeting protect buildings but also workers.

Whether your project is small or large, we tailor our scaffolding services according to your project's size, shape and exclusive requirements.

Most commonly used within the construction, manufacturing and defence industries, shrink wrap containment work perfectly for:

  • Safety and security
  • Environmental control
  • Reducing contamination
  • Dividing worksites
  • Weather protection
  • Clean work environment
  • Aesthetic worksite presentation

Worksites Protection

worksite protection

At WASP, we offer shrink wrapping for worksites requiring durable and reliable containment and protection from bad weather.

Thanks to the flexibility of the shrink wrapping material we utilise, we are able to adapt our shrink wrapping material to worksites of any shape and size.

The need for shrink-wrapping worksites generally includes projects such as:

  • Those requiring isolating worksite areas
  • Protecting the area during paint and lead paint removal
  • Asbestos removal
  • Concrete remediation
  • Managing contamination
  • Temperature and environmental control

Protection from the Weather

shrink wrap (14)

Having to call off days due to harsh weathers can also cost you extra time and labour that is not on your budget. In fact, environmental delays are one of the biggest causes of construction companies losing revenue each year as it also has an impact on the next project.

Shrink wrapping is the perfect solution to these environmental challenges.

When it comes to controlling the environment, shrink-wrap sheets:

  • Provide containment of your site against rain, storms and heat.
  • Provide shelter for employees to ensure a safe and functional working space.
  • Ensure that no work days are lost and your project is successfully completed on time.

If required, we are able to provide a more controlled environment for specific projects. This includes pressurising or de-pressurising our shrink wrap material, according to your needs, using various air pressures, vents and blowers.

We therefore have shrink wraps suited for every environmental factor, from wet hazardous weather and high UV rays to falling objects and contaminants.

Hazardous Materials Containment

contamination protection

Asbestos, silica dust and lead paint were very common in commercial and industrial construction projects in Melbourne until its banning in the early 2000s.

While lead paint is frequently found as coatings on old residential properties, silica dust is often discovered on construction sites.

Silica dust forms when concrete, tiles, bricks and other materials are blasted or destroyed.

In compliance with today's Australian health and safety laws, many commercial, industrial and residential properties are being refurbished to remove lead paint and other hazardous materials.

WASP's end-to-end shrink wrapping services offer the perfect containment solution to ensuring the safe removal of hazardous material, such as asbestos, silica dust and lead paint.

We provide a complete encapsulation of all areas requiring containment using our high quality shrink wrapping sheets to enclose walls, doors and windows.

This enables a seamless and safe removal of all harmful substances, provision of safety measures for workers, environmental control and prevention of hazardous dust particles from spreading into other areas of the job site.

Protection During Blasting and Coating

sandblasting construction site protection

Shrink wrapping is one of the most effective ways to contain on-site areas that are exposed to blasting and coating and painting.

In fact, creating a safe and controlled environment for abrasive blasting or painting and coating are crucial to the project's success.

Some of the benefits of using shrink wrapping in blasting projects include:

  • High versatility in that it can be customised to structures of all shapes, sizes and specifications.
  • Effective capturing and removal of blasting debris for environmental control.
  • Protects objects and surfaces from exposure to paints and coatings.
  • Protects the blasted or coated surface from harsh weathers.
  • Set up of the shrink wrap sheets are efficient and do not cause delays.
  • Complete containment of the blasting area for health and environmental safety.

Shrink Wrapping for Preservation

Boat Shrink Wrap

boat shrink wrap

Boat shrink wrapping provides the type of protection that a general boat cover cannot.

Shrink wrap sheets are recognised as the best way to preserve the condition of a brand new boat by protecting it from environmental factors such as the rain, dust, engine fumes and debris.

Our high-quality and versatile marine shrink wrap sheets can cover boats of all shapes and sizes, and provide optimal protection against all environmental conditions.


heated film wrapped machinery

Our most valuable items can become damaged during transportation or storage.

Be it agriculture, automobile, marine or manufacturing, WASP's high-quality shrink wrapping solutions provide protection of assets for all industries.

By using shrink-wrap, we your assets are protected from dirt, insects, harmful substances, corrosives and environmental factors.


protection during storage

Shrink wrapping is the perfect system used to wrap, store and preserve your assets, especially during transit.

WASP offers shrink wrapping solutions that ensure your assets remain secure, safe and undamaged until they come out of storage.

If you seek long-term storage, our team of professionals at WASP will advise you on the best wrapping option that will guarantee the preservation of your assets during storage.

Some of the benefits of using our shrink wrap solutions for storing you projects include:

  • Retaining the quality of your assets
  • Protects against environmental conditions, such as changing weathers, corrosive material, UV rays and more
  • Cost effective

Logistics and Transportation

plane wrapped for transportation

From origin to destination, WASP's durable shrink film solutions can meet any logistical need, including road, rail and air freight to ocean freight.

Ocean Freight

Transporting valuables using shipping containers is quite costly. However, ocean freight costs can be reduced by choosing to ship your cargo on deck.

Shrink wrapping is a cost-effective way to safely transport your assets while preventing exposure to harmful ocean environments.

Our shrink wrap sheets provide containment for small or oversized items that are unable to fit inside standard shipping containers. Here, our reliable packaging ensures that your valuables remain secured from changing environments and sea water, which are particularly corrosive to metals.

Road, Rail and Air Freight

Respectively, we offer the same high-quality shrink wrapping services for valuables of all shapes and sizes being transported interstate via road, rail or air freight.

All our shrink wrap options meet the demands of the environment, and provide durable protection against contaminants and on-freight hazards.

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