Commercial & Industrial Lead Paint Removal

Wet Abrasive Surface Preparation (WASP) provides commercial and industrial lead paint removal in Melbourne, Australia.

Using abrasive blasting applications, and chemical removal systems, our highly trained onsite and mobile technicians can remove lead paint safely to ensure that no further contaminates are present on your company’s premises.

Over 30 Years Experience

Environmental Guarantee

50% Waste Reduction

95% Dust Reduction

Our Process

  • We test for lead
  • We seal off the areas in which lead paint is present as well as the vents
  • We utilize wet scraping and sanding which keeps more lead dust from forming
  • We use chemicals to strip paint where it is not safe to use wet scraping and sanding

Removing Lead Paint

It is important that any blasting contractor you hire to do this work is highly-trained and experienced in the techniques of how to remove lead paint.

Contractors who are inexperienced in lead paint removal can actually cause more exposure in an attempt to abate it.

At WASP, we are very experienced and highly-trained in the procedures and techniques of removing lead paint.

We pride ourselves in creating a job environment that is safe for our clients both during the work and after our work has been completed.

This is facilitated via stringent in-house and 3rd party testing, inspection and environmental air monitoring.

What Are the Dangers of Lead Paint?

Exposure to lead can cause a myriad of symptoms from tiredness, headaches and nausea, through to catastrophic failure of many of the bodies vital organs and death.

In children, even low levels of lead poisoning in the blood can cause learning difficulties, stunted growth, and behavioural issues, this is amplified exponentially in children under 6 years of age where brain development is incomplete and even more so in foetus in the womb.

Lead accumulates in the body over time in the soft tissue, bones and teeth and is extremely hard to remove through the body’s waste system.

Taking these dangers of lead paint as well as environmental health and safety into mind, we have invested in offering proven lead paint removal solutions.

There are many buildings and structures in Melbourne that were built before or in the early 1970’s. Those homes usually were painted with lead paint. Lead paint, due to its toxicity, was banned in Australia in 1970 but continued to be used until remaining supplies were exhausted for several years after.

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