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We proudly boast a trail of satisfied clients from large multi-national building contractors to home and small business owners.

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From bridges, ships and building facades to internal high-rise strip-outs and tunnels, we can abrasive blast anywhere using our blasting applications.


Cleaning and maintaining a surface’s structure can be hard work, especially if you don’t know exactly what to do and where to get started.


Wet abrasive blasting has quickly grown to be the future in surface preparation. Ensuring effective abrasive blasting services.

abrasive blasting in Melbourne by WASP

Generally available for the surface preparation of steel as well as profiling concrete to create a non-slip, exposed aggregate finish.

graffiti removal

Abrasive blasting is a safe, effective and efficient way to remove graffiti from a variety of surfaces and materials.

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WASP offers professionally accredited rope access services, multi-skilled in a variety of trades across commercial and industrial blasting sectors.

Paint Removal

Our trained onsite and mobile technicians can remove lead paint safely to ensure that no further contaminates are present on your company’s premises.

marine sandblasting

We offer revolutionary dustless blasting that can remove almost any coating from any surface using our top blasting technologies.

Paint Removal

W.A.S.P uses spciality equipment to assist with paint stripping and water pressure cleaning. We can strip paint from all types of commercial surfaces.

shrink wrap for scaffolding and buildings

Working with industrial and commercial clients, W.A.S.P has been at the industry forefront when it comes to delivering reliable and effective shrink wrapping services.

water pressure cleaning

High pressure water blasting is a super effective way to remove dirt, paint, scale and various other unwanted materials from surfaces.

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About WASP Blasting

Founded in the late 1980s, WASP Blasting are Melbourne's industrial/commercial surface preparation and onsite abrasive blasting provider.

Our environmental Policy

Environmental safety is one of our core values. We believe that upholding environmental health and safety standards, is the future of abrasive surface preparation.

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