We Provide Professional Headstone Cleaning Services

When your loved one has passed on, visiting their grave may give you some comfort. This is also true for taking care of the place of their final rest.
Like any other surface, headstones can get dirty and need a cleaning service to restore them to their initial state. Because of their structure, softwashing is the recommended headstone cleaning method at WASP Blasting.

Respectful Cleaning Services

Headstones are usually found in cemeteries. Because of the nature of these places, it’s important to provide respectful cleaning services. This means that a service provider should always keep in mind where they are. WASP Blasting always strives to provide these services with minimal impact on the visitors and noise disturbance.

Softwashing of headstones, particularly performed with the use of own water supply, causes minimal interruptions. The gentle process will leave headstones clean and well-maintained. Even if multiple headstones require to be serviced, this can be done in a way to minimise the impact of the team’s presence in the cemetery.

Professional Headstone Cleaning

Perhaps you’re wondering whether it wouldn’t be possible simply to wipe a headstone. It’s certainly an option, but any cleaning done during a professional service is deeper. At the same time, as specialists, WASP Blasting knows that using typical high-pressure cleaning methods would be too harsh to the lettering and materials typically used for headstones.

Another advantage of working with professionals is their awareness of preventive measures that should be used. For instance, as a layperson you may not know that the surface area should be prepared before cleaning or that surrounding plants and flower beds need protection from the water used during the cleaning process.

Working with WASP Blasting

It’s important not only to work with professionals, but also the right professionals. WASP Blasting has over three decades of experience in various services in the surface preparation and cleaning industry. Headstone cleaning is just one of the services we provide. We have worked for big and small clients, providing services for some of them for years.

Rest assured that we keep all safety standards as well as environmental standards in mind. Get in touch with WASP Blasting today to get the job done!

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